Typical Products Sardegna

Sardi is a destination of Italian wines and genuine food. As for the potential assignments of Regina Food, Ivan is currently focusing on creating more products in Birmingham, home-made by him and increasing its wholesale community. Ivan also work with other British towns, including York Manchester and Sheffield even though primary market where Food works is Manchester. I've been in in the period I have generally worked while in the food organization and London since 2005.

Among the first things that his parents and Paderi discovered when they moved from Sardinia was having less refreshing Sardinian goods while in the super markets of the capital. As fans and folks who've always nurtured a fantastic passion for cooking, Ivan decided to enter Londonis food sardische feinkost industry to create a preference of Sardinia's normal products towards the Metropolis. Appropriately they started to present their goods in 2011, in several areas of the cash and purchased a food truck. Streetfood is ever more popular within the Location ,” Ivan Paderi advised the Britaly Article.

I generally visit Sardinia twice annually to meet up with new manufacturers and also to look at the ones who currently assist us. My next visit will soon be in April, and also this is just a journey that is really enjoyable when I'll be taking some consumers from the marketplace with me. It will be a getaway centred around Sardinian food: we will search for a few companies and attend a couple of wine and food tasting activities.
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